SameiroTravel. Each Destination An Experience.

New experiences

At Sameirotravel you can acquire personalized experiences for your customers during the trip, such as entry into tourist attractions and museums, themed tours, restaurant reservations, cruises, visits to wineries and wine cellars, wine tasting, the vintage (harvest and treading) grapes) among others.

Our Circuits

Check out our main tours and get in touch with us for more personalized itinerary options for your group. * Special conditions for travel agencies. ** Minimum 04 passengers. *** Departures until May / 2021 **** Harvest Circuit with a minimum of 06 pax for departure in mid-September / October according to the 2020 Harvest calendar


Looking for a hotel? Look no further the solution is here ...

Religious Tourism

Regardless of your path, SameiroTravel will accompany you...

Regular Departures

SameiroTravel has several circuits with guaranteed / regular departures. Confirm which is best for you...